Your Wedding Day From Start to Finnish, Part 3


Wedding details are some of our favorite photos! There's nothing more awe inspiring than making those diamonds really shine!

We’re moving right along in our series highlighting what to expect and things to think about for day-of planning. So far we’ve heavily stressed the fact that hair and makeup are essentially the beginning of your day. We feel proper planning during the first couple of hours of the day can get everything properly set into motion. Today we’re discussing the last few things to consider when planning your wedding prep.

When we meet with our couples, and in our correspondence with them, we mention a detail bag. We find the small details tend to be super important for many of our couples. Whether it be new jewelry purchased for the big day, or an invaluable heirloom piece, details really help make your day that much more special.

For this reason, we encourage our couples to create a detail bag. The typical contents of a detail bag include: Shoes, Necklace, Wristlets/Anklets, Rings, Earrings, Perfume, Lip Gloss, Bouquet Locket, a watch, etc. Both brides and grooms can set these items aside. The benefit of having it all in one place is that when we arrive and say hello to everyone, we can get right to work, and you don’t have to wonder where all of your details are or if we’ve photographed them.

Now guys, don’t think you have it easy. Ok, well, you kind of do. But it is best for you to take a few tidbits from what we’ve been telling the girls. While you have less to worry about, and far less primp and pamper, she still expects you to look good and to not run late.

A few things for you to keep in mind as you and your guys are getting ready:

1. Make sure everyone is present. One of the most difficult things to work around when photographing guys is when a few people are around, while others are enroute or getting ready in another location. If possible, try to have everyone get ready in the same place.

2. Make sure EVERYONE tries on their tux when they pick it up! This is a must! It is all but guaranteed that at least one guy’s rental will be wrong in some way at every single wedding. This is not an exaggeration. We recommend each guy tries on the tux before leaving the store and if something is wrong they can make typically fix it on the spot.

3. Stay in one place. Guys are pretty much always ready to eat. Occasionally we’ll have half of a wedding party go out to grab some lunch before they get dressed. I mean, you are pretty much just waiting around for the girls to get ready. We recommend having lunch brought to you, rather than going out. One of the “Murphy’s Laws” of wedding days is that every time people go somewhere, they nearly always take longer than planned. Before you know it, one of your guys who just ran down to his hotel room to grab something has been gone for half an hour and you can’t reach him.

4. Guys can have details too. While we don’t have nearly as many details as the girls, many grooms do have some details that will complement her details in an album. Things like watches, rings, cufflinks, flasks, socks, etc.

This is it! Everything is in order, everyone is dressed, and we’re ready for the next portion of your wedding day. For some couples, that means the ceremony. Others will be headed to their first look. Next time we’ll take a look at how to best plan for a first look, as well as reference some previous posts about the how or why when considering a first look.


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