Your Wedding Day From Start to Finish, Part 2


With some prior planning, you can start your day on the right foot and not be stressed about your day running behind.

The other day, we started a series that will give you tips for planning out your wedding day logistically. We posted a sample timeline for a traditional wedding as well as one for couples who are planning a first look. Both of them are just samples and can be used as a general guideline for your own wedding. We also noted that hair and makeup are essentially the beginning of your day. We feel it is so important, we are going to highlight a few more things to consider before moving on.

When planned well, hair and makeup does not have to be too time consuming or affect other parts of your day in any way. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your stylists can do a great job.

1. Make a list of people who will be having their hair and makeup done. Anyone can be on the list (mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, whoever you want). The key is to create a list and coordinate with your stylists so they can plan accordingly.

2. Hire more than one hair stylist and makeup artist. One of each stylist per 3 people is a good rule of thumb. This means everyone can be seen quickly and you don’t have to allot as much time to getting ready. (Bonus, everyone can sleep in a bit later!)

3. DO NOT allow anyone to be added at the last minute on the day of your wedding. When people decide on the morning of the wedding that they actually do want to have their hair and/or makeup done, just one person can throw everyone else off, as well as being on time. Unfortunately, we’ve seen it.

4. Everyone will say the bride needs to be the last one to be styled. The thought here is that her hair and makeup will be as fresh as possible. That is true, however we advise she be done in the middle of the group. The reason for this is that she will be ready to go and be available for any portraits, gift exchanges, or even getting into the dress. She can be doing these things while some of the others are being finished. Being done in the middle also allows for last minute hair and makeup changes to be done without making things run late, and if nothing else, any last minute touch ups after some tears can be done at the end.

5. We always recommend adding an hour to whatever timeframe your makeup artist says. This is simply because having a buffer is always better than a deadline looming over your head and adding stress to the morning.

6. Be sure to have a hair and makeup trial a few weeks before the wedding. This will allow you to try a few hairstyles and decide whether you want your makeup airbrushed or not. Making these decisions now will help everyone on the day of the wedding.

Just a little bit of prior planning will help your day go so much smoother! We’ll say it again: Hair and Makeup – Your day essentially starts here. Alright, we’ve gotten prep out of the way. Next up, Details and Guys Prep!


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