Why Photographers Cringe When You Show Them A Pinterest Photo Idea

Pinterest is a social media platform where users can post images of nearly any category.  Popular categories include food, travel, DIY projects, and interior decorating.

Ever wonder why photographers cringe when you show them a Pinterest idea? Pinterest has become hugely popular with all kinds of people for everything from planning their next meal to planning their next vacation. I remember in 2013 after we got engaged, Sarah recommended I start a Pinterest account so we could share wedding ideas with our wedding planner to give her a feel for our tastes. At first, I refused because it was “just something for girls”. Eventually, she convinced me to join and 4 years later yours truly has more than 50 of my own boards! Everything from cars, to tools, to DIY ideas, and more… Pinterest can be a valuable resource! So why do we cringe when couples excitedly share photo ideas with us from their Pinterest board?

As photographers, we’re creatives. We became photographers because we were able to capture in a photograph what we imagined in our heads. The opportunity to be creative is what fuels many photographers. Trying to replicate a photo or pose found on Pinterest strips that opportunity from us because we are forced to try to replicate a photo which in most cases was a purely candid, in-the-moment photo taken at just the right second. Your photo will not be an original photo.

Replicating a photo found on Pinterest also doesn’t reflect who you are as a couple. Especially for Sarah and I who strive to capture you both in a way that displays who you are as a couple, such as with our exclusive Engagement Adventures. How can a photo capture the uniqueness of your relationship if we’re trying to recreate a photo that captures the uniqueness of someone else’s relationship?

As a kid who grew up in the late 80’s and through the 90’s, I can remember some pretty bad fads… That being said, our goal as creatives is to produce images you can be proud of for generations. Sarah and I want you and your families and friends to be able to relive this time in your lives and not think “what were we thinking?”. Remember the blue tuxes from the 80’s? I think we all want to forget about those! So, the last thing we want for you is to look back on your engagement or wedding photos in 20 years with your kids and be embarrassed that you were part of “one of those Pinterest fads”.

Genuine, un-posed, candid photos that tell a story is what Sarah and I take satisfaction in when we deliver the images to our couples. We love hearing them laugh, or get choked up at the memory of that one moment they’ll never forget. They have that photo to remind them of that moment forever because we didn’t have to interrupt something to go take a posed, unnatural looking photo somewhere.

We do believe Pinterest can be a valuable resource. Like most resources however, it has its place and can be easily abused. So, feel free to use it as inspiration or to help fuel your own creativity to produce something unique and special to you!

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