Who Is Your Ideal Client? Part 1

Knowing where you want to focus your attention will help you be more successful. Sarah started out photographing horses and dogs, but found her true passion in weddings.

If you want a more successful photography business, we have one question for you: Who is your ideal client? Can’t answer that? That may be the one thing making your job harder. Today, we will begin our series discussing ways you can determine who your ideal client is, and why it matters.

First off, you need to have an “ideal client”. You need to have a focus, a clear path for your business to follow, if you want to run a successful business. Knowing who your ideal client is will help you to focus your business in a way that allows you to operate more smoothly and reduce the time and money wasted advertising in the wrong places.

Having an ideal client does not mean you only accept work from certain people, indeed you’ll want to book many of the clients that inquire with you. In fact, knowing your ideal client and where to focus will help to eliminate inquiries whose budget does not fit your pricing or whose style isn’t in line with what you produce.

The first step in learning who your ideal client is, and where you want to focus, is to shoot everything! What?! While it may sound counterintuitive, we believe you cannot truly know where you want to focus until you’ve tried many different things. You may think you want to do a certain thing or focus in a certain area, but if after working in that area for a season you may decide it’s not actually where you want to be. Sarah started photographing dogs and horses over ten years ago. She used to own horses and perform competitively. In addition, she has owned dogs her entire life. It was a natural transition to photograph what she was comfortable with.

One day, a close friend asked her to photograph her wedding and engagement photos. At first, Sarah politely declined, because she knew nothing about weddings. After some coaxing though, Sarah agreed, and eight years later we’re wedding photographers. Over the last eight years, she has also been asked to photograph corporate events and real estate. While she doesn’t dislike those fields, she has learned that she truly has a passion for weddings. She absolutely loves helping brides feel beautiful and special on their wedding day. We love pampering our couples, and helping them feel relaxed.

In conclusion, while you may think you want to focus in one particular field, you may learn you don’t enjoy it as much as you anticipated. Conversely, you may find you enjoy working with clients in a different field instead. You never know until you SHOOT EVERYTHING.

  1. chaney@mixandmatchdesign.com

    April 12th, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Knowing who your ideal client is so important! You definitely learn a lot by trying out all kinds of things to narrow down you interests!

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