What’s In Our Bag?

Ever wonder what gear we carry with us to every event? There are many items that we carry on us to every event, some are used more than others, but they all have proven invaluable to us when needed. Some of them are items that are obvious, like camera bodies and lenses. Others are items Sarah or I needed at some point and have been added to our pre-event packing list over time.

There are many unsung heroes in our bag full of gear. Pain reliever, a jewelry cleaning cloth, and an LED video light are just a few.

Some of our most iconic shots are of details. Sarah loves to capture the bling of wedding day jewelry and the wedding bands themselves. One of the items that help create those iconic photos is a video light. With 168 LEDs, it packs a lot of light in a small package! We use this light to make those diamonds sparkle just right or to create a light source that is purer white than incandescent bulbs found in most lamps. It also allows us to get photos of certain details when there is little to no ambient light.

As professional photographers, we have cameras and lenses that can capture even the tiniest detail, but sometimes that’s not a good thing. For example, engagement rings look amazing when they are new, or after your jeweler professionally cleans them. Between cleanings, however, those diamonds collect fingerprints, lotions, and more from day to day wear. When photographed with our macro lens, these become all too noticeable even to the untrained eye. A few years ago, we found Bling Wipes and our world changed instantly! Seriously, these things are AH-MA-ZING! In as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday, these little wipes clean your jewelry nearly as good as your jeweler can! No more fingerprints!

Sarah and I love to be able to have a solution to any problem that may come up during an event. A few years ago, Sarah put together a “Bridal Emergency Kit” that we’ve carried with us ever since. Filled with things like bandages, breath mints, a stain remover pen, anti-static spray, pain relievers, eye drops, hair spray, and more; we’re prepared for many random situations.

We’ve learned over the years that communication is key! That holds true for more than just face to face interactions. We consciously avoid using our phones as much as possible during an event, but how do you communicate with someone who’s in a different room in a hotel, or at the other end of a country club? Two years ago, we started using two-way radios to communicate and they’re now indispensable. Feel free to check out our previous blog post that goes into more detail.

The last piece of equipment we’ll highlight today that you may not expect is a step ladder! I’m tall enough and have long enough arms to reach most things, but sometimes, I just need to be 1-3 feet taller. After a few weddings where we had to borrow a chair or the venue’s step ladder, I decided we should just start bringing our own with us. We have since used it on nearly every wedding day! If possible we try to not use light stands and having a step ladder allows us to put our flashes in places we might not otherwise be able to reach.

We try to carry as little gear as possible but also be as prepared as possible. As a former assistant for Sarah, we worked together to figure out together what gear does the most for us. The fewer things we have to lug around, the better; especially on a wedding day. These are just some of the items that are the unsung heroes of the wedding day. They’re tools that help us more seamlessly create the images you know us for!

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