Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

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You want your wedding photographer to be so much more than just someone with a camera. You want them to be someone you can rely on, someone who artistic style you identify with, and someone you enjoy working with. Because you are sharing one of the most special days of your life with them, your wedding photographer to be special as well. 

There are several things you can expect when you work with me. The first thing is a good time. Getting to know you so that I can express your personality and style in the pictures I take is the most important aspect of being a wedding photographer. You can expect that we'll have fun working together, I will be enthusiastic about capturing the unique and beautiful details of your wedding, and that it won't be awkward posing for the camera. I won't put you through uncomfortable, generic poses. I'll let you be yourself and take fabulous candid shots where you look happy and relaxed.

What Photography Means To Us

Many people ask me why I am a photographer. I think the answer is very simple. I love what I do! To me, being a Philadelphia wedding photographer means that I have the privilege of sharing in your wonderful wedding day and I get to create photos that you can cherish forever because they will keep the memories bright and unforgettable.

Creating Timeless Keepsakes

That's what wedding photography is all about. It is about creating timeless keepsakes. All the other aspects of the wedding, like choosing the right flowers, finding the right venue, deciding on music and writing up the guest list, and of course, finding the perfect wedding dress, are all important. Photography is perhaps the most important detail to plan. Because once the flowers have faded, the guests have gone home, and the wedding dress is hanging in the closet, your photography will be the only thing that lasts, that doesn't fade. It is what you will have to hold onto and remember everything you did and everything you felt on this beautiful, life-changing day.