Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes!  Who doesn’t love shoes!  Flats, heels, pumps, sandals, and peep toes, oh my!  Choosing your wedding shoes is not an easy task, but if you put a little time and effort into your finishing touches, your wedding day look can be exceptional.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best bridal shoe for you.


Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Shoes

Don’t wait. Do you want handmade shoes? Are you waiting for a favorite shoe to restock? It is very important to have your shoes with you at your final dress fitting. You want to make sure that your hem is the right length and your shoes dictate that.  Make sure you start looking for your shoes after finding your perfect dress.

Your shoes, your style. Most likely your dress represents your style and your shoes should go with that style. Think about what element really attracted you to your dress and look for similar elements in your shoes.  Is it a bow, an embellishment, lace, or embroidery?  Look for that in your shoes.

Think about comfort. Some people say if there’s no pain there’s no gain, but most wouldn’t agree with that.  You want to love your shoes, but also be comfortable on your wedding day.  You can still be comfortable without sacrificing style.  When shopping, look for natural materials that allow stretching and breath-ability. 

Are you looking for heirloom or value? Think about what type of shoe you are looking for?  If you are looking for a shoe that has sentimental value that you will pack away as an heirloom, then by all means go all out.  If you are looking for more of a practical value, you can choose shoes that will go with your style and every day wardrobe, so you can wear them after your big day.

Pop of color.  What color is your theme for your wedding?  Many brides are opting for beautiful pops of color on their shoes to match their day.

Have you picked your wedding shoes yet?  I hope that these tips make it much easier for you!

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