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Often times, Isaac and I get asked if we also provide videography to our couples. While it sounds exciting, neither of us have a background in video. It’s like speaking a whole new language to us! Besides that, we also love to be able to focus our efforts and attention to the photos that we provide to our clients. We feel that it would be nearly impossible for us to provide the creative vision and attention to detail that we currently provide if we were to split our duties between photo and video. Instead, we would much rather highlight videographers who we’ve come to know, who provide a similar experience to ours. Over the last couple of years, we have had the pleasure of getting to know Lindsay and Scott of Revelations Video and have often recommended our couples contact them when looking for a videographer. Recently, we sat down with them to ask a few questions so that you could get to know them a bit as well. Join in on our conversation, won’t you?

Sarah & Isaac: Lindsay and Scott, how did you get into video and decide to turn it into the company you have now?

Lindsay & Scott: We both have been filming and editing videos for years as a hobby, but shortly after we got married, we got our own wedding film back and it was a disaster. The guy didn’t capture our vows or anything that we asked for, so we just looked at each other and realized that we never ever wanted any other couple to not be able to have their precious moments captured. So we decided to make that our mission- to provide every couple with a wedding film, within their budget that they can watch over and over through the years and experience those special moments over and over again. We launched our business a few months after our own wedding day in 2015.

S&I: Oh wow, that sounds like a horrible experience! It’s great to hear that you made the decision to use your experience to help others not have the same disappointment. So you’ve been filming weddings for a few years now. Would you say you have been able to figure out what most of your clients are looking for? Who would you say your typical client is?

L&S: Our ideal clients are the ones who recognize that their wedding day is so much more than just a big party. We really appreciate when our couples realize that their wedding vows are a life-long promise and they are serious about making this commitment to each other. When our couples know and feel the deep, incredible covenant that they are making, we are able to capture those incredible feelings and emotions on their wedding day.

S&I: We can definitely relate to that! When you meet with a couple and are able to develop a connection with them, what kinds of products and/or services do you offer?

L&S: We offer personalized wedding packages based on our clients’ unique preferences, with a full menu of services to choose from. We also offer two pre-designed packages for those couples who like to keep it simple.

S&I: Sounds great to us! I know for some people, choice and flexibility are important; while to others,  straightforward packages are what they are looking for (ME!). So, how do you set yourselves apart from other videographers? What makes you different and what is it that you find are some of the reasons your clients hire you?

L&S: We are unique because this is not just our business. We make ourselves available day and night for our couples for anything at all that they might need- even if a bride just needs to vent about a stressful day of wedding planning. We look out for them and help them with any aspect of wedding planning that we can, and we love to stay in touch with our couples and support them in their marriage journey even after their wedding day.

S&I: Oh, we can definitely relate to that! We love being there for our couples as well, forming a bond along the way! I’m really curious now, what motivates you to work in the wedding industry?

L&S: We love what we do because we get to capture some of the most special, amazing moments in many people’s lives. We love knowing that we can capture something that couples can watch years down the road, to celebrate the good times, or to strengthen them in the challenging times- to take them right back to why they said “I do” in the first place. We consider it an honor to witness these beautiful moments and to be there to support couples through the years.

What an amazing couple! We definitely recommend giving them a look if you are in the market for a videographer! Isaac and I can say that we truly enjoy being able to look back on our own wedding and relive those moments! Do yourself a favor and check out their website, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram!


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