Our Wedding Philosophy

Groom's reaction to seeing his bride during the first look. 
It should be about you, not us. 

The wedding experience is all about you! We have this crazy idea that you deserve more than a photographer who shows up on the day of the wedding and just takes some pretty photos. We love getting to know our couples throughout the wedding planning process. From venue walk-throughs, to helping you find the right florist, DJ, and makeup artist. If there is a way we can make your day even more memorable, we would love to help!

it's about you...

We feel the best photos are the ones that authentically capture your wedding day. Those loving glances between you and your new spouse when you think no one is looking. The tears shared by a father and his daughter during their dance, or the explosive laugher during the best-man's speech! Our goal is to capture the true personalities of your family and friends. 


We know we have successfully acheived our goal every time our couples, their family, or friends look at your photographs and the first thing they say is "Beautiful". 


Emotion, when you think about it, it's the driving force of the whole day. Your love for each other, the happiness shared by loved ones, the look of pride in a father's eyes. In our opinion, capturing emotion is the most significant piece of telling the story of your wedding day.

Hotel Monaco wedding portraits.