Philadelphia Weddings

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With so many different, interesting venues in Philadelphia, I've been to a wide variety of weddings. There are hundreds of different parks, resorts, hotels, and country clubs to choose from as locations for Philadelphia weddings. And each venue dramatically affects the style of the wedding. The challenge I have as a photographer, and it's a challenge I love, is discovering all the beautiful details of your wedding that make it unique and capturing those in the pictures.

Candid Wedding Photography

There are several ways I do this. One of my favorite methods is candid shots. I'm not talking about the kind of candid shots where everyone is talking and making odd faces and didn't expect a picture to be taken. No, I mean the lovely, relaxed kind of candid photos where people are unafraid to be themselves, to enjoy the moment, and smile big, bright, genuine smiles. These candid moments express so much of who we are and I love capturing them in my photography.

Elegant Photos

Engagement photos and bridal portraits and wedding photos are a time to express your personality and your artistic style. If you browse through my portfolio, you can see the way I like to tailor my style to fit yours while still retaining the artistic and creative flair that characterizes Sarah Rachel Photography. I believe that both candid shots and elegant portraits play an important role in your wedding photography.

Unforgettable details

Though the focus is, and always will be, entirely on you and your fiancee, I do like to include some photos of the details of the wedding. The way your wedding rings look together, the bride's lovely shoes, the stained glass windows in the church, the flowers along the walkway in the park, the glint of sunshine on the windshield of your car that says "just married" in bright, excited letters… These are all details that deserve to be remembered. They are what made your wedding unique and what made it yours. You worked hard to plan every aspect of the wedding so that it was perfect, and I will work hard to capture all those beautiful details. Because of the variety of venues and varieties of styles, Philadelphia weddings are always a fun challenge. I can't wait to meet you, hear about your plans, and experience all the unique joy of your wedding as I view it through my camera lens.