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Hello! How is all your wedding planning going? With so many decisions to make, the task of choosing a photographer can become a little overwhelming. Your wedding photography is such an important aspect of it all because it is what you will get to keep forever to remember the wonderful experience. And with so many Philadelphia wedding photographers to choose from, it can often be hard to make the choice.

what makes you beautiful

What you want to know is what makes me stand apart from other photographers, what makes Sarah and Isaac unique. Well, the answer is actually the same question. What makes you unique and special? My philosophy on wedding photography is that it should express what makes you beautiful. It should capture all the incredible moments of the day and it should tell the amazing story of your relationship and your commitment with your fiancé. It should be about you, not about me.

one simple reason why

I love photographing weddings because of the artistic, creative challenge. But there is so much more to being a photographer. The truly best part of my job, the reason why I do what I do, is that I get to meet you! I get to talk to so many awesome couples and hearing their stories is what continually strengthens my belief that the world is a beautiful place begging to be photographed and that happiness is real, because it is written all over the faces of you and your fiancé. Really, that's the simple reason why I am a photographer.

one of many philadelphia wedding photographers

There are many Philadelphia wedding photographers to choose from; that's true. But I think if you browse through my portfolio and give me a call, you won't have to worry about searching any further. I can't wait to meet you and discover what makes you and your wedding beautiful and capture it in my photography. It's a pleasure for me, an unforgettable experience for you, and the result is photos that you can treasure forever as a way to remember your perfect day.