Sarah & Isaac Engagement Photographers

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As a Philadelphia engagement photographer, I've been on many engagement photo shoots and met many amazing couples, and it's taught me how to perfect the photography process so that it is a fun experience for everyone involved. And of course, the results are beautiful, artistic, and fit your fantastic style. So let me walk you through the process...

The first step is giving me a call. This isn't just so we can set up a time for a photo shoot and discuss photo packages and the business aspect of things. I want to spend some time getting to know you and your fiancé. I want to hear your story, see the way you relate to each other and smile at each other, and get an idea of your fabulous, unique style. Because engagement photos even more than wedding photos are entirely about you. It's my goal as an engagement photographer to capture your style and your personality.

Creating Memories

After a little quality time comes the photo shoot. Some people are a little nervous at this idea. But if you don't like cameras in your face or photographers you don't really know telling you how to pose for photos and trying to paste a fake smile on your face a hundred times in a row, don't worry. That's not how I do things. No way. Engagement photo shoots are all about having fun. It's a chance to spend some romantic, fun time with your fiancee amidst all the busyness and stress of planning the wedding. It's a chance to laugh, enjoy yourself, relax, and above all things, be yourself without hesitation, worry, or self-consciousness.

Celebrating Your Romance

The final step is enjoying the results. Your engagement photos are something you can treasure forever. They are like a prologue to the albums full of wedding photos. They focus exclusively on who you are, your relationship with each other, and your excitement about getting married. They also are a way to invite other people to celebrate your romance and the commitment you're making. Engagement photos are a lovely addition to the wedding announcements and invitations you send out, because they give your family and friends, especially the ones that may not have seen you in a while, a chance to see how happy you are together.