Our Top 10 Must Have Tools for a Wedding Day


Umbrellas are one of our must have tools for a wedding day. They help us create epic night-time rain photos like this one!

A few weeks ago, Isaac and I were taking inventory of our gear in preparation for the coming wedding season. As we were going through everything, noting what we needed to replace, get more of, or sell, we noticed there were several items that we simply would not go without on a wedding day. We thought it may be helpful for you if we shared our list, and explained exactly why these things are so important to us! These are in no particular order, and really they’re pretty much all extremely important to us!

1. Bling Wipes – You can see our previous post about these for more detail, but we fell in love with these the first time we tried them! Check them out on Amazon… After all, it’s all about the bling!

2. Extra pair of shoes – A girl can never have just one! This is especially true for me on a wedding day. I have tried many pairs of shoes over the years for wedding day use. Finally, I figured out that no matter what shoe I start the day with, I simply cannot finish the day in the same shoe. About a year or so ago, we just started packing a second pair and I swap them out somewhere between the ceremony and the reception.

3. Holdfast Moneymaker – I have tried pretty much everything. I used to use just a plain shoulder strap that comes with the camera, but once I got a second camera body, it was pretty much out of the question. I tried dual belt holsters for a while, and besides feeling like John Wayne walking into a saloon every time I walked into a room, they just created too much strain on my back and bruised my hips. Then I found the MoneyMaker by Holdfast. Finally, a strap that works for me! This thing is amazing! They have countless options to match your style and needs. I love my MoneyMaker because it distributes the weight evenly across my shoulders and back while making it easy to grab either camera instantly. My cameras also attach securely with a main attachment and a safety catch just incase. Something I can’t say for my John Wayne holster!

4. Assistant – As we have mentioned before, I learned several years ago that a full-time, non-shooting assistant is definitely a MUST HAVE for me! They serve in countless and invaluable ways for me on a wedding day. Like most photographers, staying nourished and hydrated is not only necessary for me, but also something that I will work through. My assistants also help me keep an eye on our timeline so we stay on schedule; help me run through the family shot list efficiently and without missing anyone; carries a bunch of gear; coordinates with other vendors; sets up lighting; fluffs the dress, and more! I always called Isaac my hero of the wedding day, and now we’ve found someone just as great to fill his shoes!

5. Radios – Isaac first mentioned that we tried two-way radios a few years ago. We were trying to figure out a good way to communicate without using our phones. After some research and an in-the-field demo, we decided to invest in some professional grade two-way radios. You can find more info in our prior post. We just love that we can communicate anywhere, inconspicuously.

6. Step Ladder – This was when I learned if I send Isaac to find something useful like a gadget or tool, etc., I should not be surprised by how much thought he will put into something. The other year we decided we should stop using chairs or other objects with, at times, somewhat questionable stability. Isaac went out looking for a step stool of some kind. You might imagine my surprise when he came home with half of a ladder! In typical Isaac style, he stood in our local Home Depot for longer than I would have, considering his options, until he finally found the perfect one. It really is too! It has three steps with a top platform where we can stand confidently. It’s also lightweight, and can be opened and closed one handed!

7. Multi Tool – You never know when you’ll need a tool of some kind on a wedding day. One of the first things Isaac started bringing to weddings was his multi-tool. He uses it at least once per wedding whether it’s cutting a tag with his knife, or tightening something with his pliers.

8. Tool Kit – This one is like #7’s buddy. Isaac also has a small tool kit with various other tools (I don’t even know what any of them do). We have yet to use them, but it’s a small kit that we just have tossed in our lightstand bag just incase.

9. Umbrellas – Would you believe we bring 5 of these on a wedding day? Ok so two of them are in Isaac’s car all of the time anyway. But we do have three packed in our lightstand bag. We always like to have some on hand, even if it’s not raining. We have found them to be very useful, and each one has a purpose. We have a large, black, golfing umbrella that can help keep us or our couple dry. We have a nice clear one that makes for great rain photos. Then there is the one designed for holding a camera and keeping me dry at the same time. It has integrated finger holes in the handle that Isaac says looks like brass knuckles. (eye roll)

10. Small pouch – Isaac found a small belt loop pouch a while back and it is now a staple in his wardrobe on a wedding day. He likes it because it is roomy enough to hold everything he would normally keep in his pockets (keys, wallet, phone), as well as some other small yet useful items( a pen, note pad, business card case, a timeline). Oh and my phone too!. The great thing is, it allows us to keep some things close at hand that we don’t want in our camera bag.

There you have it, some more insight into some of our must-have items that are not camera equipment related. Hopefully our list will help you figure out how to make your day easier and more comfortable. What are some of your must-have tools on a wedding day?


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