How To Not Feel Overwhelmed While Wedding Planning

I know that wedding planning can get the best of the most chilled out bride.  In my business I get to know brides of every personality.  What I have noticed is, regardless of personality type, that all brides get frazzled at some point during their planning.  They hit a brick wall in planning—my first point of advice is always, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” but if that doesn’t work, here are some tips to help you de-stress and feel less overwhelmed during the process.


How To Not Feel Overwhelmed While Wedding Planning

Put Fun First.  While planning —we all know that many brides out there love to style their wedding and put all these great little finishing touches on their day to make it theirs, BUT a word of advice is — if it is becoming a hassle and not fun anymore, take a step back.  Planning your wedding should be fun and if you are stressing over minor details you need to remember that most people walk away from a wedding talking about how fun it was and what they ate.  Try to not sweat the small stuff—seriously—people may not remember those rustic tables you spent hours planning to look just so.  Take a deep breath.  Of course, you can still have those awesome tables, but move onto something else less stressful if you are hitting a brick wall because of them.

Open Communication Lines.  Open communication and discussion is key to a marriage but it is also key to wedding planning.  If either of you are stressed from the planning, sit down and discuss a time to have an open communication with all who are involved in the planning.  This is going to get everyone back on the same page and help you get back on track with any detour that has been happening in the planning.  Be Honest.  Look at the numbers for your budget. Decide on a limit.  More on that below.

Have a Wedding Mantra.  This is what I am speaking about when I say, “have a limit” above.  For example, you and your significant other may say, “If it doesn’t make us happy or excite us, we aren’t doing it at our wedding.”  This is just an example, but this helps you have a base for what you both want and don’t want, and you will see that it helps the stress melt away.

I hope these tips help keep any wedding melt downs to a minimum.  Remember to have fun while planning!

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