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It’s Friday again, and you know what that means! Today’s Featured Vendor Friday is all about the details! Recently we met Christine Dixon, the creative force behind Haven and Hasbrook. Christine is a calligrapher who uses her talent to create some magnificent pieces! Anything you can dream up, she can do. If you love little details like we do, you’re sure to love her work! After meeting her and hearing a little bit about what she does and what she’s passionate about, Isaac and I knew we just had to have her on our blog. Below are some photos of her work, as well as some of what she had to say when we sat down for a chat.

Today we're speaking with calligrapher Christine Dixon of Haven and Hasbrook.

Sarah & Isaac: How did your company get started?

Christine: Haven & Hasbrook was born out of a mix of my own passion, previous experiences, and goals of where I saw myself in the future.  I’ve always been a creative person and had originally gone to school for computer graphics.  Out of school, I had started my own business (a different business) with my husband, and then from there went onto to work for a few companies as a project manager.

Towards the end of 2016, I took a look at my current role as a project manager which was as stressful as it was challenging and rewarding and knew it wasn’t something I wanted to do the rest of my life.  I remember talking with my mom and her saying “Christine, you’re not someone that is going to be able to work for someone else, so think about what you want to do and turn it in a business.”  So I took that idea to heart and really examined my own passions and skill set and that led me to calligraphy.

I had been practicing calligraphy as a hobby since 2015 and had always joked about the idea of just doing that all day, but never seriously pursued it.  At this point in my life, I thought if there was ever going to be a time to follow your passion now was it.  With my background from having already run my own business, my skill set as a project manager, and having the chance to bring together my passion for handwriting and design I decided to take the plunge – and that’s how Haven and Hasbrook was born.

We love details, and calligraphy is a great way to help your details stand out, as well as highlight your personality.

S&I: Wow, you definitely have a clear vision of where you’re headed. Who would you say is someone who really connects with you; who is your ideal client?

C: I would say right now I have two versions of an ideal client.  The first being the client who understands the value in calligraphy and what it can add to an event, your home, or anything in between.  Someone that really wants to focus on the little details; in knowing that utilizing the art of calligraphy to add those extra additions to a special day can really set you apart from other weddings and can be used as a way to express your own personality.

My second version of an ideal client, would be someone who may not necessarily identify themselves with being an admirer of calligraphy, but are looking for a unique way to express themselves and their interests.  I want to help others find an outlet for their own personality and whether that’s done through art on paper, chalkboards, glass, metal, etc. I want to be able to connect with them and truly work with them to create something that fits their lifestyle – through calligraphy.

Haven and Hasbrook offers all kinds of custom work, like this window frame made into an itinerary.

S&I: Sounds great! So how do you help your clients make their vision a reality? What products and/or services do you offer?

Cute signs like this one can be a great bridal shower gift!

C: Right now most of my work is based on custom commissions, but I offer services for both weddings and home decor. I am currently working on my online shop to offer pre-made products and prints, with exciting products in the near future!

For weddings my services include, but not limited to, providing calligraphy for:

•   Reception details (seating assignment, place cards, escort cards, menus, etc.),

•   Signage (including chalkboards, glass, windows, framed prints)

•   Envelope Addressing

•   select Invitation Suite designs

In addition to weddings, I have a focus on home decor and home living items which include everything from woods signs to champagne glasses and prints.

Custom champagne glasses and home decor are some of Christine's favorite projects.

S&I: I love that you have so many options for your clients. Details really are what can set something apart from the mundane. What would you say makes your company unique? Why should someone hire you?

C: I believe Haven & Hasbrook is unique because I understand that not everyone understands the need or admiration for calligraphy, but I want to strive to connect with my audience to show them how I can use my passion & craft to help them express their own personality.  Every wedding is unique and the amount of time that couples spend on selecting all their details for their special day does not go unnoticed and each one is an extension of who they are as a couple (and individuals).  Calligraphy is no different – although it might just look like a fancy font or nice handwriting – it is actually an extension of the style and personality of who I am creating that piece for and I want to ensure that I understand all of my current and future clients to capture that within my work.

Even the pieces I put up for sale on my website that may not be personalized are an extension of my own personality and I hope by being true to myself in the products offered, I will connect with others out there to create lasting relationships.

Personalized stationary by Haven and Hasbrook.

S&I: As you have highlighted, there are many ways someone could use calligraphy to add that extra touch to just about anything. With that being said, what motivates you to work in the wedding industry in particular?

C: Like many other little girls, I dreamed of my own wedding day since I was 10 (literally, I have a picture to prove it), and when I got married almost 4 years ago it was truly the best day of my life.  It wasn’t just my wedding day though that has kept me interested in the wedding industry, it’s the connections and relationships I have watched develop based on bringing people together for one special day.  My wedding was in Walt Disney World, and I had no idea that choosing that location as my wedding spot would introduce me to some of my best friends today.  Our only connection originally was choosing the same spot for our wedding, but after sharing that experience and going through the planning process and helping future brides with their planning it has created a bond that will forever connect me to the wedding industry.  I want to help other brides experience that same fairytale, magical day that I experienced and just can’t help but smile every time I see the excitement in anticipation of a wedding.

Be sure to check out Haven and Hasbrook, as well as follow them on Instagram!

Focus on the details with custom stationary and guests handouts.


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