Philadelphia Bridal Portraits

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Bridal portraits are meant to be cherished, passed from one generation to the next. They should capture you at your most radiant, natural, joyful, and gorgeous. The portraits should also be fun – this is one of the most special days in your life! I’ll help you stay relaxed and I’ll bring out your most beautiful self, showcasing your personality and the once-in-a-lifetime emotions you’ll be feeling on your wedding day. The portrait session will be relaxing and fun, and you’ll be able to focus on the love you feel for each other.

Philadelphia Bridal Portraits | Sarah & Isaac

I love having the chance step back from the wedding preparations to focus on you for a while. After all, this is your big day. I’ll make sure to capture you in artistic and natural poses that showcase your personality and joy. I want you to look as naturally beautiful as you are. I’ll bring laid-back professionalism to the shoot, and I’ll capture your style, your story, and your happiness. I’ll provide minimal direction to make sure that we get the most perfect pictures possible. You’ll get the posed pictures we planned on, and you’ll be delighted with the candid moments I capture. The genuine emotions of your wedding day will be preserved, and you’ll always have the memories to cherish.

Bridal Portraits in Chester Springs, PA

After the detail shots of your dress, shoes, and fresh makeup, I’ll make sure we have a moment to capture you in all your pre-wedding excitement. I’ll take candid shots while you get ready, surrounded by your bridesmaids and family, and then we’ll take some time to focus on you. In a relaxed environment, we’ll have fun together, taking the most beautiful photographs possible. Your bridal portraits will capture your essence, showcasing your natural beauty and highlighting your happiness.